Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday 17/8

Still early evening here, just hear two stations at the moment. Maybe some more later on to night.

1656: UNID at 2044 UTC playing some country music, SINPO 34333 but faded out

3927: R Quintus at 2027 UTC EE and Dutch, Dutch-mx, SINPO 24221

Receiving some more stations, but conditions on 48 is bad, low signals and noisy. The signals on 76 is improving a little. The SINPO of Quintus is now 24332.

1646: UNID at 2109 playing Dutch music, SINPO 23221

6310: R Condor at 2105, very noisy and weak but i do hear some music, SINPO 24212

And now some more stations on 48.

6310: Westcoast R at 2147 UTC QSO report to Condor, SINPO 34333

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