Sunday, September 2, 2007

Saturday 1/9

Conditions are good on all bands now, less QRN also on 76 mtrs now. A few stations heard on 76 and also on MW. And WMR had a strong signal in the evening on 6400, Atlantis had also a nice clear signal here.

1650: UNID at 2200 playing Ultravox - Vienna, followed by Take my breath away, SINPO 34333

1655: UNID at 2204 UTC speaking Dutch and playing some Dutch music, SINPO 34333, moving frequency to 1657 khz

3910: Weekend Music R at 1936 UTC parallell to 6400, SINPO 21221

3927: R Atlantis int at 2209 UTC playing pop-mx, ID at 2223, SINPO 35434

6400: Weekend Music R at 1847 UTC Talking about QSL cards/pagage, oldies, SINPO 44334

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