Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday 20/10

Many stations in QSO on the 48 meter band this afternon. Better conditions this weekend than i had a week ago.

6275,4: Laser Hot Hits at 1445 UTC weak with music, SINPO 14221. ID at 1654 UTC and better signal now, SINPO 23232

6280,9: R Black Power at 1413 UTC in QSO with VOTN, R Scotland, etc.. SINPO 34333

6281,7: R Scotland int at 1417 UTC in QSO with Blacc Power, VOTN, etc.. SINPO 34333

6287,7: R Scotland int at 1354 UTC in QSO with VOTN and Black Power. SINPO 34333, s-9+

6288,9: Voice of the Netherland at 1347 UTC in QSO with Scotland and Black Power. SINPO 24222

6306,1: UNID Westcoast ? at 1440 UTC in QSO, low modulation, SINPO 24221

6307,5: UNID at 1426 UTC Dutch stn in QSO, SINPO 22221

6309,7: Voice of the Netherland at 1436 UTC QSO with Westcoast, Quintus, etc.. SINPO 24222

6310: R Quintus ? at 1423 UTC Dutch stn in QSO, SINPO 23221

6310,1: Orion R at 1431 UTC in QSO with Westcoast, SINPO 34333, s-9

6420,6: Laser Hot Hits at 1650 UTC i hear some music but very weak and disturbed, SINPO 22211

Later in the evening some conditions on MW but weak conditions on the 76 mtr.

1629: UNID at 1840 UTC talking and playing music, maybe a Greek pirate? SINPO 33433

3910,1: Weekend Music R at 1844 UTC with an ID, SINPO 23322 much QSB on the signal

3925: Bogusman at 2138 UTC very weak, SINPO 14211

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Orion said...

Thanks for the logs Peter, indeed nice to make some QSO's again after 1,5 year