Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday 23/11

Not much to hear this friday.

6275,4: UNID at 1311 UTC playing music, SINPO 14111, at 1347 UTC Born to be alive SINPO 24221


Anonymous said...

hallo peter ,goodemorning are you in the shac? its rather bussy on 1.6 mhz too much interfirence ,are you able to transmit? its raining here and verry windy so my longwire is shaking allover the ground here annyway good hunting there have a nip regard from ethersnuiver

PJK - Peter said...

Sorry i have not an antenna for transmit on 1.6 mhz. Only receiving type of antenna. I heard the last days some activity on MW also a few Greek stations. Anyway thanks and good morning from Sweden.

Peter J