Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday 18/11

Very low signals today.

3910,1: Weekend Music R at 0143 UTC, ID and music, SINPO 14211 very weak signal

6270,1: UNID R Mazda ? at 1047 UTC playing Dutch music, SINPO 24211

6400: Weekend Music R at 1427 UTC EE and music, SINPO 22221 very disturbed

In the evening/night i heard Jan Snabbel on MW.

1659,9: Jan Snabbel at 2329 UTC in QSO with Euromaster, Santana, Anton, etc.. SINPO 34223


Anonymous said...

thanks for report peter,have a try this afternoon ? all the best regards jan snabbel

PJK - Peter said...

Ok i shall give a try this afternon if conditions are good.
Thanks and regards Peter J

Anonymous said...

hi peter i have try in about 15 min/ pl/minus 1655 regards bd.

PJK - Peter said...

On 1653,5 khz at 1721 UTC i can hear you about s-7. I think in QSO with someone.

Greetings Peter J

Anonymous said...

hallo peter thats correct on 1653,5 but i had the transmitter not adjusted so the reports from skaduw jager,vrij drenthe and diggital told me so, annyway thanks for report,by the way carona is playing right now on 1655khz he lives 5km from my qth peter all the best good hunting jan snabbel...etc.....

PJK - Peter said...

Thanks Jan
I shall listen more in the weekdays in the late afternons or early evenings on MW. It looks like conditions are good at that times.

Cheers Peter J