Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday 16/5

Very good conditions on MW and 48 mtr last evening. R Calypso and Klaas Snoek R had very strong signals. After 22 hrs UTC fadeout on the 48 but strong conditions on MW, on 76 mtr weak conditions.

1659,5: Klaas Snoek R at 2220 UTC country-mx QSO ?, SINPO 55445, 9+25 db

3905,4: UNID at 2126 UTC weak with music, SINPO 14211

6275: R Calypso int at 2131 UTC polka, SINPO 55444, 9+30 to 40 db, fadeout after 22 hrs


Anonymous said...

hallo peter thanks for the nice report,early sunday morning I used the same set-up but it was realy late offcourse ,maybe midnight I have a go, w,ill see all the best good hunting there greatings from kl.snoek

PJK - Peter said...

OK i shall listen out for you then.

Best Greetings Peter J