Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday 29/11

MW is early opening today, also some stations on the 48.

1660,1: UNID at 1252 UTC, polka, CCR - Down on the corner, SINPO 25322

6300: R Black Power at 1257 UTC, rock - pop - Dutch music, SINPO 35333

6310: Orion R at 1509 UTC, Greetings from Holland, oldies, SINPO 33222

Blog update

1656: R Barones at 2009 UTC, country-mx, SINPO 34333

3935,4: Baggerteam ? at 2014 UTC, oldies, SINPO 24221


Anonymous said...

hei peter all ok no much reaction the last weeks,hope you are ok there .wishing you and yours a happy christmas and a healthy and prosperus new year with regards from bandung

PJK - Peter said...

Hello there Bandung!
I had not much time over the last weeks to listen on the radio. Here i spend to much time behind the computers, and allmost nothing on the radio. Im setting up a second computer with the Linux system, and it take some time to learn everything. But i shall try the MW band here in the nights, maybe i hear your signal form NL.

Greetings from the PJK in the north.