Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday 1/4

1625:  Relmus  at 1812 UTC, CCR, SINPO 34343, later SINPO 44444

1645:  R Barones  at 2114 UTC, Dutch-mx, SINPO 44434

1670:  Montecarlo R  at 2235 UTC, QSO with Kristal, SINPO 34232

1675:  Montecarlo R  at 2159 UTC, polka, QSO with Kristal

1690:  UNID  at 2201 UTC, pop-mx, SINPO 34333

3905:  R Skyline int  at 2119 UTC, Yesterday man, SINPO 34444

6210:  R Powerliner  at 2221 UTC, Dutch-mx, SINPO 44232

6299,4:  Underground R  at 2148 UTC, Dutch or German music, SINPO 23221

6306:  R Powerliner  at 2126 UTC, Queen – Break free, SINPO 34333

6311,9:  R Relmus  at 2143 UTC, weak, the same as on 1625 KHz

6325:  Trans Europe R  at 2146 UTC, music, SINPO 23221

6374,9:  Black Bandit R  at 1732 UTC, country-mx, SINPO 44444, c/d 1737

6375:  R Caroline  at 2222 UTC, R Rainbow ID’s, gave a Caroline e-mail address, SINPO 45444

6286:  R Continental  at 2130 UTC, pop-rock-mx, SINPO 33222, ID at 2209 UTC

Very high activity on the Pirate bands this Friday.


Anonymous said...


the UNID on 6375kcs last night,
was us, transmitting our last programme.
About 30 minutes later our TX became broken.

Best wishes,
Radio Caroline International.

PJK - Peter said...

I was listening untill the tx broke down. The signal was very good here in the north. Hope you fix the TX so i can hear more of your programmes.

Have a pleasant weekend
Peter J

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

power with amplifier at such time was about 120watts.
Hope that someone will be able to repair such TX, otherwise we should have to buy any new one.

Have a also a nice weekend there!
Radio Caroline International.