Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday 3/4

1629,8:  R Moonlight  at 2244 UTC, QSO, SINPO 35443

1670,8:  UNID  at 1825 UTC, Greek, talking, SINPO 34222

6306:  Bluestar R  at 1829 UTC, Dutch-mx, SINPO 33222

6310,2:  Spaceshuttle R  at 0934 UTC, Rainbow-Long live rock n roll, Finnish-mx, SINPO 35322

6379,3:  R Altrex  at 1858 UTC, weak music, SINPO 22221

6379,5:  R Marconi  at 1614 UTC, QSO with Black Bandit, SINPO 24221

6380: Black Bandit R at 1608 UTC, QSO with Marconi, SINPO 24221

Really bad conditions today on 48. Spaceshuttle signal down more than 30 dBuV. And after about 10 minutes listening to him, fadeout and gone below the noise level.

Propagation is a little better now in the evening on 48m, but still low signal strenght. As a substitute when i have poor conditions, i am listening on a web-rx in Boven-Pekela NL and there are 5 different Dutch Pirates i can hear with good signals. Thanks  to NL8811.

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