Saturday, July 9, 2011


In the beginning of August when i have my summer holiday, i hope to receive the new Microtelecom FM+ broadcast band converter that i preordered from WoodBoxRadio.

I allready ordered a antenna from VHF Teknik in Trelleborg Sweden. It’s the FM5.1 5el yagi 88 to 108 MHz. The design is by K6STI Brian Beezley, manufactured by VHF Teknik. I shall put up the yagi in the second mast where i allready have the ALA1530S+ mounted.

Lets hope there will be some good E-skip openings then.

fm front back_800FM_Yagi_Array_5__4b55f32695a20

Microtelecom FM+    VHF Teknik FM5.1   WoodBoxRadio FM+


Anonymous said...

Hello !

In case you know someone who is supposed to be interested ... Feel free to forward this message.

Because FM DX is very tough in my mountainous area,
because I'm not allowed to mount any antenna on the roof, I decided to sell my new FM+.

Yet, this converter is really great, especially the filter width one can adjust down to a few Hz and the PBT.
Needless to say it's in PERFECT condition. I'm non-smoker.

Purchased from SSB Electronic (Germany) 2 MONTHS AGO, 299 euros (+ shipping).
For sale at 249 euros (+ shipping).
Original box + invoice of course.

Patrick, french Alps

PJK - Peter said...

I shall se what i can do to help you. It's a great piece of equipment the FM+.

Best Regards, Peter J