Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday 11/8

1636:  R Mustang  at 2053 UTC, SINPO 34232

1647:  R Calypso  at 2039 UTC, ID at 2044, instrumental-mx, SINPO 34232

6285:  R Relmus  at 1946 UTC, oldies, sudden c/d, SINPO 34333

6294,7:  R Caroline / Rainbow  at 2002 UTC, pop-mx,SINPO 34342, sudden c/d at 2023 UTC

6294,7:  R Marconi  at 2055 UTC, pop-mx, SINPO 45333

6375:  R Caroline  at1959 UTC, ID and sudden c/d, SINPO 34332

6385:  Top Radio  at 1950 UTC, Dutch-mx, SINPO 33222


Anonymous said...


lot of thanks for such logs of us, great and VERY interesting for us,really!!

6375kcs was with any 60watts transmitter, by using any crystal and 6295kcs later with any new 50watts transmitter, which is working with VFO.

Radio Caroline/Rainbow International.

PJK - Peter said...

On 6295 a litte overmodulated in the beginning, sounded better later on.

Greetings Peter

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

thanks a lot, because we had been thinking here, that modulation wasn´t strong enough!!!!!!!!
So again thanks for your help!!
Radio Caroline/Rainbow International.