Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday 26/10

6240:  R Caroline  at 1909 UTC, pop-mx, SINPO 33343, later SINPO 44444, c/d 1933 UTC

6294:  Misti R  at 1553 UTC, country-mx, SINPO 25332

6304,7:  R Wittereus  at 1916 UTC, Dutch-mx, SINPO 33332


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

lot of thanks for your log again!!
Power: Again 100watts from our site.

Greetings (also to your dogs),
Radio Caroline International.

PJK - Peter said...

Received very well here in the north despite heavy utility QRM just 2,5 kc up, thanks to good filters in the RX. Again many thanks for nice chat time Paul.

Greetings Peter