Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday 11/11

1645:  UNID Relmus ?  at 2044 UTC, rock-mx, SINPO 35332

3905,1:  R Skyline int  at 2030 UTC, Tina Turner, SINPO 45434

6240,1:  R Spaceshuttle  at 2053 UTC, Finnish-mx, SINPO 45444

6291,9:  R Fox 48  at 1621 UTC, oldies, SINPO 23321

6295:  R Fox 48  at 2040 UTC, rock-mx, SINPO 34322

6300:  R Black Bandit  at 0031 UTC, Bryan Adams – Run to you, SINPO 45444

6309,9:  R Fox 48 ?  at 1705 UTC, weak music, SINPO 24221

6925:  R Malta  at 0014 UTC, Little ducks dance, SINPO 25222, c/d 0019 UTC, at 0026 ID and Polka in USB mode


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

nice that you received signal of "Radio Malta" there.
Hope, it will not be banned from your website!!!

Keep on so and best wishes,

PJK - Peter said...

OK Paul No they are not banned from this site, i try to keep a positive attitude to all the Pirate stations. All are very welcome here. And i don't know why the are banned from the chat. Reception of Malta was also near Ottawa (via web-rx) and had same signal strength as i did, around s7. I head a clear ID also.

Thanks again and best greetings Peter