Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday 28/12

1645,3:  R Nova 4  at 1654 UTC, Dutch-mx, SINPO 34232

1655:  R Euromast  at 2128 UTC, pop-mx, rock n roll, SINPO 25232

6305:  R Witte Reus  at 2114 UTC, weak music, SINPO 24221, at 2326 UTC SINPO 45444, Take me to Ibiza, special birthday programme

6510:  UNID R Rising Sun ?  at 2339 UTC, German-mx, Deep Purple – Child in time, SINPO 23322


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

such UNID on 165kcs has been "Radio Euromast"!!!
My nephew is now at Lulea, not far away from you, since today for 5 days and he told me yesterday evening by call that he also knows your town. Interesting for me, I didn´t expect it!!!

Best wishes from here,

PJK - Peter said...

Thanks Paul
Yes Luleå is only 70 km from me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for response, Peter!!

Those parents of his swedish friend are living there at Lulea and so he decided to visit them.
I also didn´t know it...
Seems that our planet is much smaller as I believed it before!


PJK - Peter said...

Yes looks like that Paul. I know Luleå very well.

Good conditions now on 48m, at the moment 0130 hrs local time a strong station on 6300. And now i really need to sleep, i must go up in about 5 hrs.