Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday 13/1

1630,1:  UNID R Mondeo ?  at 2216 UTC, polka?, SINPO 34221

1636:  R Scania  at 1534 UTC, Nena 99 luftballons, SINPO 34232

1639,7:  UNID  at 2153 UTC, polka, SINPO 34231

3905,1:  Skyline int R  at 2049 UTC, very weak music, SINPO 15221

6374,8:  R Caroline int  at 1540 UTC, ID, pop-mx, SINPO 35333


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

lot of thanks for such log of us there!!!

Hope, you are well!

R.Caroline International.

PJK - Peter said...

All OK here Paul.

Conditions not so good the past days.

Have a good evening.

Anonymous said...

OK, Peter!

Take care of you and greetings to your dogs please!!!!!!!!!!!

R.Caroline International.