Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday 17/1

1630:  R Scania  at 2048 UTC, QSO with Meteoor and Testpiraat, SINPO 45444

1636:  Testpiraat  at 2054 UTC, QSO with Spanningzoeker, Scania, SINPO 35232

1645:  R Spanningzoeker ?  at 2050 UTC, QSO with Testpiraat, Simplex, Meteor, Scania, SINPO 35343, not 100% ID

1649:  R Santana  at 2352 UTC, QSO with Vrolijke Mijnwerker, SINPO 35343

1651,8:  R Happy Miner  at 2339 UTC, QSO with R texas, SINPO 35343

1653,3:  Geneve Stoker  at 2345 UTC, QSO with Vrolijke Mijnwerker, SINPO 2523 1-2

1653,5:  Ready Mix  at 2133 UTC, music by BZN ? or something similar, SINPO 24222

1664,4:  R Kristall  at 2116 UTC, polka, country-mx, SINPO 25222

6135:  Bluestar R  at 1532 UTC, pop-mx, SINPO 32332

6289,1:  R Rainbow int  at 1526 UTC, pop-mx, Shakira, SINPO 33333

6325,8:  R Caroline int  at 1530 UTC, pop-mx, SINPO 35333


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

thanks a lot for such log of us today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(enough now, haha!!)

Such UNID on 6289kcs has been "R.Rainbow International"!

R.Caroline International.

PJK - Peter said...

Hi Paul
Well i keep on listening and support Caroline and all FR stations.

Good conditions now in the evening on MW, and in the early morning a strong US stations here on 1610 khz received on the little ALA1530S+ loop. But not a pirate, religious and a woman taking, maybe someone can help to ID this. Really amazing conditions now on MW band.