Friday, March 16, 2012

FM Log - Thursday 15/3

87,6:  Skala FM  at 2057 UTC, RDS ID, Denmark, PI code: 92F1, 500w power

87,8:  RTE R1  at 2059 UTC, RDS ID, Ireland, PI code: 2201, S9+5db

88,1:  BBC R2  at 2055 UTC, RDS ID, S9+20db

88,2:  UNID   at 2051 UTC, RDS ID gave 75 Lat but PI code: 3222 is for PR2 *Dwojka* Poland, maybe Polish speaking

88,3:  BBC R2  at 2121 UTC, RDS ID, S9+15 db

88,5:  BBC R2  at 2050 UTC, RDS ID, S9+10db

88.7:  BBC R2  at 2049 UTC, RDS ID, S9+20db

89.1:  BBC R2  at 2048 UTC, RDS ID, S9+

89,3:  BBC R2  at 2106 UTC, RDS ID, S9+10db

89,9:  BBC R2  at 2107 UTC, RDS ID, S9+25db

90,1:  BBC R2  at 2107 UTC, RDS ID

92,1:  BBC R3  at 2108 UTC, RDS ID, S9+10db

92,3:  BBC R3  at 2109 UTC, RDS ID, S9+15db

92,5:  BBC R4  at 2110 UTC, RDS ID, S9

92,9:  BBC R4  at 2120 UTC, RDS ID, S9+10db

95,0:  UNID  at 2118 UTC, no RDS, S9+, BBC R3 ?

Very nice opening on the FM band this late evening. Mostly to U.K, but also one Irish and Danish station and possibly one from Poland. Skala FM Denmark runs only 500 w. 95 MHz was the highest frequency i could hear DX.

At the same time conditions on 11mtr to U.K, Ireland, Denmark, and south Sweden. And on MW, 76 and 48mtr no conditions.

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