Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday 25/3

1635:  R Relmus  at 0100 UTC, Stumblin in, SINPO 34333

3905:  R Spaceman  at 0107 UTC, Marianne Faithful, SINPO 45444

Spaceman still going strong here at 0330 in the morning, and on MW Relmus with good signal.

3904,8:  R Likedeeler  at 2043 UTC, German, Beatles, SINPO 3433 2-3

6289,6:  UNID  at 1603 UTC, instrumental-mx, SINPO 44444

6300,7:  UNID  at 1623 UTC, German-mx, SINPO 34333

6305:  R Black Power  at 1711 UTC, Italian-mx, SINPO 45444

6324:  R Little  at 2025 UTC, polka, SINPO 45444, Black Bandit

6374,8:  R Caroline int  at 2027 UTC, pop-mx, SINPO 44444

6900:  Baltic Sea R  at 1614 UTC, in LSB mode, ID, rock-mx, SINPO 454444

15070:  Cupid R  at 1222 UTC, pop-mx, SINPO 34433

15845:  R Spaceshuttle  at 1228 UTC, in USB mode, Rainbow and Spaceshuttle ID/jingle, SINPO 2532 1-2


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

thanks fro such log of us there!!!
At the same time greetings to your dogs please!
Here seems to be the last days for our old dog and we are very sad!

R.Caroline International.

PJK - Peter said...

Hello Paul
I'm still awake when i got your message.

It's sad to hear that, i know the feeling. I still miss my old friends who has passed the rainbowbridge to the other side many years ago.

About reception Caroline was well received today/evening, and good conditions the whole weekend.

Take care Paul, bye for now.