Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday 4/3

1642:  R Wadloper  at 1921 UTC, Madonna – Like a virgin, SINPO 35222

1655:  Batavier ?  at 1904 UTc, popcorn, ZZ-Top, SINPO 35242

6374,7:  R Caroline int  at 1916 UTC, pop-mx, SINPO 3422 2-3

6420:  R Mustang  at 2014 UTC, polka, SINPO 34323

6900:  Baltic Sea R  at 0844 UTC, Beach Boys, Spice girls, Baccara, in LSB mode, SINPO 35343


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

thanks a lot for such log of us there!
Great FM logs from your side!!!!!!
Hope, you are ok!

Best wishes,
R.Caroline International.

PJK - Peter said...

Thanks Paul
Everything is ok here, still to much snow to do some antenna work.

I was hoping to put up a 9m long vertical in one corner of the garden, but i have to wait until May. The antenna is ready in the garage with 4:1 UN-UN and feedline.

Here not so good conditions on SW, only a very few pirates heard over the weekend. But to my surprice Aurora conditions on FM band and great reception of Iceland on 90.1 MHz, lasted 6-7 minutes only and then band closed.

Best greetings
PJK - Peter