Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday 28/4

1625:  R Barones ?  at 2118 UTC, pop-mx, SINPo 34333

1640:  R Grutte Pier  at 2138 UTC, instrumental-mx, SINPO 34333

1647:  UNID  at 2120 UTC, instrumental-mx, SINPO 33222

6240,1:  R Caroline/Rainbow  at 1905 UTC, pop-mx, SINPO 3-4 4333

6240,1:  R Free Victoria  at 2127 UTC, oldies, SINPO 4433 3-4

6244,9:  Ramm R  at 1745 UTC, mx by Rammstein, SINPO 23221

6288:  R Shadowman  at 2122 UTC, Phil Collins, SINPO 54444, 9+25db

6304,5:  R Magic AM  at 1710 UTC, music, SINPO 23221

6920:  Baltic Sea R  at 1910 UTC, Kaoma – Lambada in LSB mode, SINPO 3-4 544 3-4


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
tnx a lot for any further log of us!

Please stroke your dogs from us and have a nice sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are teaching our new dog swimming at any lake here since yesterday.

Best wishes,
R.Caroline International.

PJK - Peter said...

Hi Paul

Still ice on the lakes here so Rasmus has to wait a few more weeks before the first swim for the season.

Weather has been really nice here on Saturday, much sunny and temp +12c. Snow is melting fast now.

Greeting, Peter