Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday 27/10

6215,1:  R Zomerzon  at 1707 UTC, pop-mx, SINPO 2422 1-2

6289,9:  R Mazda  at 1642 UTC, ID, oldies, SINPO 34333

6294,9:  R Twentana  at 1710 UTC, Dutch-mx, SINPO 2332 1-2

6305,6:  R Luxemburg  at 1655 UTC, oldies, SINPO 34333

6325,8:  R Caroline  at 1609 UTC, pop-mx, SINPO 45333

6525:  R Pink Panther  at 1553 UTC, music, SINPO 24221

15071,8:  R Bluestar  at 0736 UTC, Little Richard – Lucille, SINPO 25322

21520:  Pirate R Boston  at 1557 UTC, country-mx, reading reception reports, SINPO 24322


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter and tnx for such log of us!!!
Wires of our antenna are consisting only from snow and ice today, from the ground to the top! So its like a wonder that you had been able to receive us there! Meanwhile 20cms of snow here.

Radio Caroline International.

PJK - Peter said...

Hi Paul
Thats 20cm more snow than i have Hi! and we live in the north. Only cold WX here and no snow on the ground. Conditions on HF is really good now.

Best regards
Peter J