Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday 2/11

1625:  R Relmus  at 2017 UTC, polka, SINPO 34333

3905,1:  Skyline R int  at 2026 UTC, country-mx? SINPO 2522 1-2

6288,9:  R Rainbow  at 1802 UTC, strange-mx? SINPO 24222

6325,8:  R Caroline int  at 1805 UTC, pop-mx, ID, SINPO 34343

6450,6: R Readymix  at 2031 UTC, music, SINPO 25221


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

again tnx for such log of us!!!!

6289 must have been Radio Rainbow/Galaxy/Caroline and 6450 Radio Readymix.

Have a nice saturday please!

R.Caroline International.

PJK - Peter said...

OK! Thanks Paul

Conditions were not so good on 48 on Friday, maybe the effect from Thursday's Aurora. But 6326 kHz was received better than the rest. And Relmus on MW with good signal.

Have a nice weekend
Peter J