Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday 13/2

3905:  R Calypso  at 2024 UTC, ID, SINPO 35332

6222:  R Carmen  at 2018 UTC, Queen – Radio gaga, SINPO 35332

6306:  NMD R  at 2022 UTC, instrumental-mx, SINPO 35332




Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

think that such station on 6306kcs must have been NMD Radio.
Thanks for such nice links at your right side of your webpage (care2, Greenpeace etc.)!!!!!

Greetings also to your dogs, hope tehy are ok!
Caroline and Mr.Goofy.

PJK - Peter said...

Hi Caro an Goofy

Thanks, dogs are ok.

care2, SumOfUs, WSPA, and Greenpeace I feel very strongly about all of these and to support them in the best way.