Sunday, May 18, 2014

FM band log 18/5

89.5 MHz:  R Jedynka  Poland, at 1050 UTC, s9+, PI: 3211

87.6 MHz:  R Dwojka  Poland, at 1035 UTC, s9+15db, PI: 3222

87.6 MHz:  PR Radio Kraków  Poland, at 1044 UTC, PI:37FC

87.7 MHz:  R Jedynka  Poland, at 1110 UTC, s9+10db, PI: 3211

87.9 MHz:  Radio eR  Poland, at 1034 UTC, s9+20db, PI: 308B

88.0 MHz:  R Jedynka  Poland, at 1037 UTC, s9+, PI: 3211

88.2 MHz:  RMF FM  Poland, at 1100 UTC, s9+25db, PI: 3F44

Nice ES opening, the first for the season for me. Also a few Russian station on the OIRT band. The stations logged above is on the Perseus/FM+ receiver, ant. 5el horiz Yagi.

The images below is from the RTL2832U/R820T DVB-T USB-stick receiver, ant. Wide band Discone.

Russian stations on the OIRT band.


Radio Jedynka, Poland


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