Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday 4/8

At the moment some station on the 48 mtr.

6305,2: R Mazda at 2018 UTC Dutch-mx, SINPO 33333, playing Caroline by The Fortunes at 2029 UTC

6400: UNID at 2057 UTC Achtung. Wir rufen Kaffeekränzchen, der Kuchen ist angebrannt, SINPO 33232

Blog update
Now conditions on MW and i hear a few weak stations, but Bandung has a good s9 signal here.

1645: UNID at 2220 UTC Dutch-mx?, SINPO 24221

1650,3: R Decibel at 2223 UTC music, SINPO 23221

1658: Calypso R at 2233 UTC QSO with Bandung, Montecarlo, etc.. SINPO 24332

1659,6: R Bandung at 2225 UTC rock-mx and QSO, SINPO 34333


Anonymous said...

thank you peter Ihave to get early up this morning good night till nextime bd

PJK - Peter said...

The same here, i get just a few hours sleep. Up at 0535 in the morning. But conditions are ok on MW and 48 mtr so i stay up extra to listen. But really now i go to bed Hi!

Have a nice day tomorrow, til the next time. Peter J

Richard said...

Hello Peter

Maybe the signal you received was from me, radio decibel on 1650 Khz At 22:23.

Many greetings from the Netherlands

PJK - Peter said...

Thanks Richard
I'm sure it was you i heard.

Greetings Peter J

Richard said...


Glad to know that!
I`m very suprised about the distant from Zwolle to Kalix.

Many thanks and till next report ;)