Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday 3/8

Not the best conditions on MW tonight.

1645: UNID at 0100 UTC music, Una Paloma blanca, SINPO 24211

Blog update
Bad conditions most of the evening. Now in the night i hear a few stations on MW, Bandung has the best signal (9).

1646: UNID at 2244 UTC QSO with Bandung and Barcelona, etc... SINPO 34333

1646: Mijnwerker at 2246 UTC QSO Bandung, Barcelona, Spanningzoeker, etc.. SINPO 34222

1659,3: R Bandung at 2239 UTC QSO with Mijnwerker, Barcelona, etc... SINPO 34343

1660: Spanningzoeker at 2251 UTC QSO ?, SINPO 24221

6400: UNID at 2226 UTC rock music, SINPO 33322


Anonymous said...

poor condition last time also here bad reception from locals so a nap and good morning till next time with kinly regards bd

PJK - Peter said...

Hello Bandung
Again the conditions are ok in the night. I receive you with good signal s-9 here and a few other stations in QSO with you (1646 + 1660 kHz)

Have a good night, i must go to bed. Up early before 6 o clock tomorrow. PJK - Peter

Anonymous said...

thanks peter have a nap and I do the same till nexttime and have good start tomorrow regards from bd