Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Monday 16/6

Nice conditions on OIRT and FM bands.
88.3 MHz  HRT-HR1  Croatia, PI: C201, at 2136 UTC

Monday, June 15, 2020

Saturday 14/6 - FM band log.

Very nice FM DX on OIRT and FM band. all done on the AirSpy R2 and Discone antenna, i forgot i have a 5el  FM band beam.😄

87.8 MHz  Trojka  at 0957 UTC, Poland PI: 3233
88.4 MHz  MDR Kultur  at 1000 UTC, Germany, PI: D3C3, German speaking, ID
88.8 MHz  ČRo Sever  at 1001 UTC, Czech rep. PI: 2709
92.0 MHz  PR Radio Szczecin  at 1003 UTC, Poland, country-mx, PI: 34EB