Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday 4/5

In the night the conditions still is ok on MW, a few more stations i heard before i go to bed.

1646: UNID at 0009 UTC with Dutch music, SINPO 24322

1657: UNID at 0001 UTC in QSO with Etersnuiver, SINPO 24332

Was up in the early morning and i heard a few stations.

5805: Telstar South at 0520 UTC talking about golden oldies, SINPO 14211

6275: Calypso R at 0511 UTC playing German-mx, Whiskey in the jar in Dutch or German, SINPO 35333


Anonymous said...

on the 6275 is radio calypso

greetings calypso

PJK - Peter said...

Thanks for the info

Greetings Peter