Friday, May 2, 2008

Thursday 1/5

Better conditions on MW in the night, Klaas Snoek R coming in here with the best signal. Many thanks for the greetings Jan ? at Klaas Snoek 100% received here. Many greetings back from my side to you, but here comes the log. Any help with the UNID's are much appreciated.

1651: UNID at 0024 UTC playing typical Dutch music, SINPO 34333

1658,4: Klaas Snoek R at 0021 UTC oldies, c&w, greetings, QSO rpt to Mijnwerker + Salamander, SINPO 45434 a good s-9+ signal tonight

1666,1: UNID at 0018 UTC with Boney M, SINPO 34333, c/d 0021 UTC


Anonymous said...

hi peter thanks for my report you have,n been so actif in the passed I believe, other preoryties ?? maybe late sundaymorning I have a try all the best good huntting og till neste gangen grt. klaas s

PJK - Peter said...

Yes i was inactive listening on the radio, also conditions were bad most of the time. But now it looks like most of the activity is on the MW bands, not much on SW.

Thanks and i will try to listen out for you next time.