Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday 2/8

After midnight the good conditions stays on MW, Bandung about s9 and Calypso was around s8 signals.

1654,7: R Bandung at 0002 UTC Dutch music and greetings, SINPO 35444, c/d 0017 UTC

1665: R Calypso at 0006 UTC polka, SINPO 35333

Blog update
Many stations are active now this saturday evening, but signals are low and much QRN.

3900: Classic Rock R at 1919 UTC music, SINPO 23221, at 2028 UTC rock-mx,SINPO 34322

3925: Skyline R Germany at 2032 UTC music, SINPO 24211 weak

3934,9: R Nova at 2035 UTC music, SINPO 23221 weak

6265: R Oscar Zulu at 1914 UTC music, SINPO 22221

6280: R Merlin ? at 1916 UTC oldies, SINPO 22222

6309,1: Magic R at 1833 UTC pop-mx, SINPO 33233

6375,1: Free R Holland ? at 2038 UTC music, SINPO 23221

6400: UNID at 1911 UTC repeating Achtung! Achtung! wir rufen kaffeekraenzchen " Der kuchen ist angebrannt ", SINPO 23221, later better signal

Blog Update
At midnight a few stations heard on MW, but not as good conditions i had the last days.

1655: Technische Man at 2216 UTC Dutch music, SINPO 24221

1664,2: R Santana at 2214 UTC polka, SINPO 24221


Unknown said...

1655 vid 2216 var Technische Man. mvh/Eric

Anonymous said...

Achtung. Wir rufen Kaffeekränzchen, der Kuchen ist angebrannt.
Btw.. This is a sample from the DDR DKP Freiheitssender founded 1956 and quit early 70s.

PJK - Peter said...

Tack Erik

Ha en bra dag/kväll. MVH Peter

PJK - Peter said...

Thats to earlydays for me, do you have any idea who rebroadcast this.

Thanks and many greetings, Peter

Anonymous said...

I dunno, maybe it's someone who is jokin or trying to jam another station. because I can hear a mishmash of two signals all the time. The sample can also be found and downloaded at:

watch out for Deutscher Freiheitssender 904

Regards Marty

Anonymous said...

The same transmission is going on again this evening, signal is peaking s8 here in the north.

Thanks PJK-Peter

Anonymous said...

Sorry, for the broken link.

you have to add the line
to complete and find those samples.

I got it on s5-s7 using 15Meter Longwire on Eton E5 radio, located Germany Cologne.

btw. It seems that the same station plays music right now.

Regards Marty