Saturday, February 4, 2023

Antenna mast broken.

On Monday January 16, the antenna mast in which I have a double discone antenna suddenly broke. I was out taking the rubbish to the bin when I heard a strange noise, and I saw what happened. The next day I dismantled the mast and antenna. The mast was repairable, I took the angle grinder and cut off the damaged part of the section about 50 - 60 cm. Drilled some new holes and it was usable again, just a little shorter. The Discone antenna was in bad shape so I bought a new antenna. Assembled everything and up with new antenna on Wednesday January 25th. I took some photos of the event with my cell phone.

To see in larger format click on the images.

Antenna mast broken.

Repaired mast and new antenna up in the air.
Moonraker Scanking wideband vertical 25 - 2000 MHz.

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